Supplying Food-Grade Dry Ice and Extraction Supplies

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We carry and deliver Dry Ice in 3mm, 10mm, 16 mm pellets, 5 lbs blocks, Hydrocarbons, Nitrogen, and more

Our Manufacturing Process

We produce and sell food-grade dry ice for every need. Walk-ins are welcome.

Our Company Promise

We produce and deliver the best dry ice products

  • High Density

    We produce high quality, food-grade dry ice.

  • Fast, Custom Delivery

    Pick up, Just in time delivery, and Emergency orders available.

  • Long Lasting Ice

    We produce dry ice with a high density of 1.70g/cm3, ensuring minimal sublimation.

  • Any Size Order

    We cater to any size order, whether it be walk-in, retail, or commercial level orders. 500lbs totes available for rent.

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